Diamonds and Hiking in Chapada Diamantina

Combine Brazil’s African soul with our off-the-beaten-track tour through the interior of Bahia state.

From the flair of Salvador’s markets to the eternal tranquility of the Highlands, Brazil’s ethnic and geographical diversity come alive! Experience the most African city in the Americas, Salvador da Bahia. Travel into the mountains and hike through Chapada Diamantina, the elevated highlands of overwhelming beauty surrounded by incredible cliffs and waterfalls. These light hiking excursions are perfect for soft adventure seekers, not for the faint of heart!

Tour Highlights

- Salvador da Bahia & Pelourinho
- Chapada Diamantina, a naturalist's paradise
- Lençois, capital of the diamond mines
- Praia do Forte & Tamar Turtle Station
- Brazilian beaches of white sand and warm water


- All nights accommodations
- All breakfasts and 2 lunches
- All transfers
- English-speaking guides

Sample Itinerary
Day 1 Arrival in Salvador

Arrive in Salvador da Bahia, a historic city on the northern coast of Brazil. Leave your luggage at your hotel and explore the city on your own or relax on the beach. Salvador’s Renaissance architecture is reminiscent of colonial times when the city was the capital of the Brazilian Empire.

Bahia was also the site of the first slave market in the Americas and its population reflects the unique mix of African, European and Native American heritage.

Day 2 Explore the Historic Pelourinho

Set out on a lively tour of Salvador. Visit the Pelourinho, the recently restored historical center of Salvador and a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Site.

Spend the evening at your leisure or opt for a Bahia by Night excursion that features a delicious dinner and exciting local folklore show highlighting Afro-Bahia traditions, Samba, Puxada de Rede and traditional capoeira (at an additional cost).

Day 3 Transfer to Praia do Forte: Beaches & Sea Turtles

Sun and sea lovers won’t want to miss this scenic trip along the Northern Coastline.

Start at Guarajuba beach and travel towards one of the most visited beaches along the Green Line Roadway: Praia do Forte. Admire the local wildlife at the Turtle Station run by Tamar Project, a major non-profit organization that protects sea turtles. Spend the night in Praia do Forte.

Day 4 Arrival at Lençóis

Return to Salvador and transfer to Lençóis, a small city that doubles as the gateway to the magnificent Chapada Diamantina, an immense national park covering an area of 1,520 sq kms that boasts imposing mountains and monoliths, mysterious caves and flowing cascades.

Day 5 Chapada Diamantina Intensive Tour

Enjoy a full-day tour of the main attractions in Chapada Diamantina National Park. Start your journey 67kms north of Lençois and arrive in Iraquara, Brazil’s cave capital. Visit Lapa Doce, a cave with strikingly beautiful stalactites and bizarre rock formations.

Next, head to Pratinha Farm to discover caves whose walls emit curious yet captivating turquoise and electric-blue colors reflected in the lake. Hike the Morro do Pai Inácio Mountain for a sweeping view of Chapada Diamantina National Park.

Gaze at the impressive and majestic high peaks and green valleys and bask in the light of the sunset from this wonderful viewpoint before returning to Lençóis.

Day 6 Fumaça Waterfall

Spend a final day in Chapada Diamantina and visit the second highest waterfall in Brazil: the Fumaça Waterfall. Transfer to Capão Valley, hike up to the high plains and admire the vast valley and the mountains along the way.

Reach the waterfall and marvel at the extensive, untamed plains and steep slopes. Take some free time to eat lunch and swim in the Riachinho River. Afterward, return to Lençóis and spend your last night in this small but charming town.

Day 7 Transfer back to Bahia

Take a 6 hour transfer back to Salvador. Spend the afternoon at your leisure relaxing on the beach or wandering through Pelourinho.

Day 8 Departure from Bahia

Drink in the breathtaking views of Bahia one last time. Transfer to the airport and catch a flight to your next destination in Brazil or another wonderful destination in another part of South America.